About Healing Crystals

Crystals have been used for a millennia to heal and bring balance. They work through resonance and vibration. Crystals channel energy. They can focus, store, transmit and transmute this energy and it can be used for beneficial healing and energizing effects.

Crystal healing is about change; it involves working with crystals to improve your physical and mental health, your emotional well-being and your spiritual advancement. Crystals will not do something for you (or your body) cannot, but they do speed up things that would happen anyway. For example, Carnelian works well for common colds. Rather than curing the cold, it speeds up the symptoms. Characteristically, Carnelian can appear to make your cold symptoms worse for about 12 hours as your body rapidly rids itself of the virus, After this, rather than suffering the usual 3 weeks of nagging dribbles, coughs and sneezes, you will simply feel better. Your body is quite capable of dealing with the cold all by itself, but Carnelian speeds up the process.

Now think of the healing process across the span of a lifetime. When we are young our bodies shrug off all sorts of illness; as we grow older, resisting illness becomes more of a fight; and as we pass into old age, the same diseases we once shrugged off becomes life threatening. The reason we become more vulnerable to disease as we grow older is because our bodies can no longer repair themselves quickly enough. Crystals help the body to speed up its ability to heal itself.

As well as speeding up physical healing, Crystals can also speed up other processes involving mental health, emotional release and spiritual development or awakening. 

Simply sitting quietly and holding and focusing your mind on a Quartz crystal for 10 minutes will center you and help to still your mind.

Crystals help you become open to new possibilities and this is when amazing changes start to magically happen in your life.